The Belgian Shepherd dogs are divided into four types:
Groenendael black-haired
Laekenois wire-haired red
Malinois short-haired red
Tervueren haired red
The difference between the variants
The Belgian is a healthy, medium-sized dog with approximately the same height at withers like a German Shepherd. A male is about 62 cm and a female about 58 cm. The length must be the same as the height at the withers. Normal weight for a male is about 25-28 kg and a female about 20-22 kg, thus much lighter than a German Shepherd. Belgians ancestors are herders and guard dogs that have been used in Europe for many years. In Belgium there were these herding dogs in different varieties, but in 1891 gathered a group belgarägare outside Brussels and formed the Belgian Shepherd Club. It was decided on the breed and the breed was divided into three different hårlagsvarianter; longhair, shorthair and strävhår. The standard has since been amended a number of times until you come to the four variants recognized today.

Groenendael was the first Belgian who came to Sweden in the early 50s. Tervueren came a few years later, while the first Malinois was taken in 1974 and the country’s first Laekenois arrived in 1984

Why a Belgian Shepherd?
The Belgian is not a dog that fits everyone. It is cheerful, lively, alert and intelligent, and in the right hands, it is an excellent all-round dog, but it will also be critical of yourself before you get to a Belgian (or maybe a dog at all). Belgian demands to be part of the family. It is not enough to work full time and let anyone rest on sometime midday. It can lead to disaster especially as regards an unhappy and lonely dog who lacks its flock and unhappy but also what it in his loneliness can transform the furniture in the home to. If you do not activate the so take the initiative and do it yourself.

Puberty is a stage where it can cause problems. As a growing puppy has become a teenager and hormones perfectly spurts in the body when it is important to have consolidated its leadership from the very beginning.

“No” and “please” are two key words in the young dog’s life. Put rules in life by example every time it should go out the door, jump out of the car, start to eat, greet another dog, etc. first give the permission by allowing it to sit down and wait until you say “please”, you will get there already a natural leadership. You rarely need to resort to tangible methods but with firmness and consistency, and with a natural inner strength from You, the dog may clear as to who it is that decides and does not challenge this later in life. A well-mannered children, who from the beginning have had to learn where the limits are and respect older and experienced people rarely become a “monster” who kills old ladies in town. It is the same with a Belgarvalp. With the right upbringing and a lot of dedication and love for the first year, you lay the foundation for a wonderful family member. Belgian born to actors. Barks one of the so play it up all his records to be believed that it understood. In the next second, when it turned its back to, then do the same foolishness as if nothing has happened. It is therefore to be smarter than his dog, which is not the easiest thing when you have this race to do.

Many obtain a Belgian to compete in the mill and there it is very successful in several branches. To let the dog develop its nose by training track, search, etc. are not wrong. All of course, need not compete with his dog to activate it but no one should find that the dog will enjoy. You can train obedience, agility, flyball, and much else that the dog be allowed to use their brain.

Belga’s lively intellect allows taking fast. It is often said that thought and action are one and this makes some people do not fit as Belgarägare. It is important to be clear that this is not a dog that likes to just lie on the couch and do nothing. Here, however, a balancing act because it can be good to teach their puppy to take it easy, too. Social training and environmental training is a must, but equally important is that the dog becomes harmonious. Please bring it to friends and acquaintances, and teach it to lie still and relax. Make demands of your dog everyday and you get a lovely friend for many years to come – for better or worse, in wet and dry.

Other issues may be addressed to any of the committee. This can apply to genetic defects should pay attention or breeding hygiene issues. Questions regarding. breed standard and more ports even during this committee. It also sets up and helps if there is a problem between buyers and breeders and trying to solve them in the best way. The courses can be about genetics, race origin, estimator, mentality, breeding knowledge, etc. Often organized the out in the country of LO na so that it does not need to be as far to go if you want to participate. Obedience Classes, however, operated by SBK’s local clubs.




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