My name is Maria Wilhelsson and lives in Tibro with my husband Mats. We have two daugthers but they have left home and have their own lifes now.

My dog Interest has been warmly and passionately for many years. Never got any own dog when I lived at home. Most young girls usually supposed to babysit but that was nothing for me. I was was a dogwalker  for all the neighborhood dogs instead.

1983 me and and Mats moved in  together and I slowly started to process him for buying a dog. 1985 we bought our first dog called Yankee Of Dinehlie and was a Groenendael. With him went a number of courses and also trained him to Air Force dog. Also took the opportunity to educate myself to the instructor and has held many courses since then. Our other dog moved in 1987, and was named Fanny Hills Concorde (Remo) and he was a Laekonois. He came from the first hill that was born in Sweden. Although he was trained to Air Force dog and I raced quite a lot with him.

In 1998 moved Orespray’s Belkira into our family and she then became the foundation of my small breeding. 2002 I registered my kennel name Sinanju’s and 2002 our first litter was born.

Kira as she was called, she was also the Service dog but also SE UCH and conditioned on the high score.

2004 in February and December, she received two batches with the same male. I saved Taiba from the last litter to continue my breeding but unfortunately it was not so when it turned out that she developed an EP. 2012 I took the hard decision to let her escape from those pesky attacks and be free.

Kira was still with us until the summer of 2013 and ended with dignity for 15 years and 3 months old.

In November 2009, was born Vajert Alpha. I had for many years said that I wanted a Laekenois again but had not found anything I wanted. Now I got the opportunity with this wonderful creature. She is related to Remo the direct descendants of the mother’s side. I am now more mushers in the Home Guard and Alpha is my second patrol dog that it is now more units. She is conditioned on 482 points and it’s probably one of the highest that any Lakke received in Sweden. She also exhibited a great deal and is so far SE UCH, NO CH and CIB she has allso attained her Danish champion titel and allso Nordic champion.

This was a little about me and my dog’s life for so long. Hope that you will have a pleasant time on the website