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Tävlingar på löpanade band

21 oktober

Jag och Axxa försöker hinna med så många tävlingar som möjligt nu innan det blir...

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24 september

There has been a lot of things this summer. Me and Axxa are continuing education...

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Things happening fast!

10 maj

Right now things are taking place at a great pace. Axxa and I have been...

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So much going on and so proud!

27 februari

Hi all! So much has happened in recent weeks. I’m so proud of my puppy...

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Waiting…and waiting and ….waiting :-)

26 januari

The days go by very slowly when waiting. It is still a few days left...

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Shows, x-ray and mental description

17 oktober

It has happened a lot since I wrote last time. Some pleasant and some less...

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