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Welcome to kennel Sinanju’s website. I have a small breeding of the Belgian shepherd dogs, variety Laekenois. My goal is to breed dogs with high workabillity and stable mentality in a breed typical exterior. I and Alpha actively working in the Home Guard. Alpha is educated tracks and the detaction dog. The dogs live as part of our family and where we go our our dogs go. Contact us if you want to know more about this wonderful variation of Belgian shepherd dogs.

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Belgian Sheepheard

A high driven workohollic

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  • Home from IVÖ!
  • Then we are back home after two wonderful days at Ivö and belgarspecial. There have been two sunny and perfect days that exceeded my wildest fantasies. Alpha became best of breed and best in show four days 1. AxxA BOB puppy and then Best in Show 4. Thurbo BOS and … Läs mer